Idea Management

Manage ideas, perform transactional business activities, collaborate in a role-based environment with experts from various fields!


An Entrepreneur or an Ideator who has an Idea assumed to be worth an IPO in the days to come, which needs Refinement from experts and Funding from Investors, either in the form of outright purchase or in the form of Investment


A Qualified individual, who has time to spare to help Entrepreneurs and ideators to build Socially responsible businesses and expect a pre- planned share/Amount as a reward when the idea is funded.


A qualified organisation, ideally with an R&D setup who would buy ideas or encourage ideators to build ideas, prototypes for them to purchase them at a later stage.


A Qualified Investor, who likes the idea and will buy or fund the idea to support a business.

Thought Management

A system to classify thoughts and data, acknowledge thoughts of others, and reward them. Drive growth with the best of insights and maintain specifications for e-commerce.


A person who wants to classify and save his thoughts, events, knowledge items, links, or any other object.


Persons who can contribute to an initiator's thoughts, events, knowledge items, links or objects.


A person who can offer a monetary reward to an initiator for their original art, music, photo, thought, knowledge item or expertise from people whose experience they can trust.

Document Management

Not just saving files on the cloud, but classifying and categorizing them for long term usability

Document Planner

A person who creates a document and is responsible for initiating its creation.

Document Writer

Persons who contribute to a document created by a Document Planner.

Document Subscriber

Readers who enjoy reading content from various authors. They can subscribe to content created on the platform, by user or entity.

Campaign Management

Conference calling has never been easier.

Campaign Planner

Creates a campaign and plans the communication to be sent out.


A user who can collaborate with a campaign planner in running the campaign by sending out emails, SMS's, voice calls.

Suggestion Management

Grow collaboratively, through collection and management of suggestions: both internal as well as external!


A person who has suggestions to contribute.


An expert or an individual who can help a suggestor improve their suggestion.

Department Head

Decision makers who need to be informed of the various suggestions discussed.

LOB Head

A decision-maker who approves suggestions for implementation.

Offering Management

Managing your products and services has never been easier. Start selling with your online store in minutes!

Product Manager

A person who investigates, selects and drives the development of products for an organisation.


A person who works with a product manager to refine the product

External Subscriber

A user of information regarding product specifications and design. Either an internal stakeholder or an external one.

LOB Head

A person who approves a product for launch to the market.

Issue Management

Respond faster to issues, interact with your subsidiaries with ease and achieve greater customer satisfaction!

Issue Raiser

A person - an employee, or a customer who has an issue with a product or service.

Issue Solver

An expert individual who can help an issue raiser solve their issue, after confirmation for beginning the task.

Issue Subscriber

A person seeking service after purchase of a good or service. Pays for resolving issues based on the seller's warranty policies.

Issue Carrier

A manager of the seller who intervenes if there is a conflict on service quality or regarding payment.

Lead Management

Managing your leads is now made easy. Discuss and refine leads for quality and improve lead conversion rates.

Lead Creator

A person who obtains leads from an exhibtion, planned visit, classified ad, etc. willing to share leads with colleagues and partners.

Lead Co-Creator

A person who joins later into the lead collection process and adds value by adding more leads, refines it, provides a plan to convert them into opportunities.

Lead Subscriber

Beneficiary from the lead collection exercise, generally field-sales people who convert the leads into opportunities.

Vertical Head

A person who provides guidance on pursuing the leads, and is responsible for payments against leads.

Interest Management

Express your interest to learn, involve special interest groups to help you realize them.


Express interest to learn or work on a project, taking into cognizance the streams one belongs to.

SIG Member

Ensures student-interests are in line with the discipline chosen and modulates students interests with the opportunities on hand.

Project Guide

Once projects are finalized, readies candidates for the projects he/she guides.


Pitches in to ensure proper engagement of students with interests, projects, and ensures enough opportunities.

Placement Management

Managing placements across institutions by the offering community with due cleanup of the offers.

Offering Manager

Posts the available openings on the internet for applicants to like it, which gets consolidated for planning site visits.

Placement Officer

Scrutinizes likes, sequences visit order of recruiters, ensures shortlisted candidates meet requirements.


Applies for posts, attends online discussions, face-to-face interviews, provides documents and accepts offer online.


Intervenes if student expectations, offerer's promises clashes in not providing an equal platform.

Industry-specific applications

Healthcare Management

Emergency patient care soon after initial check-ups, with quick engagements with specialists online or offline.


Updates patient records from the machine-interfaces, assigns suitable doctors, organizes conference calls.

Expert Consultant

Chooses to get engaged depending on the gravity of the situation, availability of alternative experts and duty-hours.


Updates patient history and makes it available for doctors to diagnose the new situation and offers insurance options for better care.


Verifies insurance particulars and makes it duly available before treatment starts.

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