At a juncture where, Enterprise Architects and Engineers alike were claiming that security risks have outweighed the benefits of cloud computing, this invention of effective process design with Social networking and the use of Enterprise functions. has brought back the interest of the CIO’s of the companies , dreamers and the small business entrepreneurs alike to cloud adoption.

The benefits derived by collaborations were in piece meals and did not have an effective method of scaling up.

Multiple vendors, specialized in some piece of service, say video conferencing service, Security products, Data Center services, Cloud based application services, etc. were coming up with their own standards and costing models.

So we propose solutions spanning various Business Process Platforms in:
  1. Use of multiple data centers for an end to end applications, facilitating easy migration.
  2. Use of Unit of content as activity based content orchestration and storage with tight control on access based collaboration.
  3. Classification of data related to clear ownership definitions.