What am I more of ? If Lecturer

Find different articles/ books- post assignments, material to students- find/give suggestions- communicate with students, experts and higher authorities, and industry representatives
Thought, offering, suggestion, campaign

What am I more of ? Engineer

Plan a project – work on documentation – coordinate with other engineers – work on implementation
Idea, document, campaign, issue,thought

What am I more of ? Student

Stream to join- discuss various exams to undergo-join college-choose branch-course to learn-type of projectto undertake-search for opportunities
Interest, thought, document, idea, opportunity, individual project, course, suggestion

What am I more of ? Farmer

Type of crop to grow-type of fertilizers to use- arrange finance-find dealer- sell to buyer
Campaign, issue, suggestion, offering

What am I more of ? Industrialist

Lead finding-discuss with leads/ customers-manage documents-get suggestions from employees/ industrial experts-resolve employee issue –identify and work with clusters.
Lead, issue, suggestion,document,campaign,cluster